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Turn facebook likes into sales

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Increase product visibility

  • Where your customers are
  • Facebook feel, your brand.
  • Facebook likes, shares and comments
  • Viral Selling
  • Increase Product Visibilty
  • Build Fan base
  • Build Loyalty
  • Improve Customer service.

Increased sales

  • Social Sharing Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest
  • Newsletter to build your mailing list
  • Daily Deals based on group buying
  • ‘I Like Discount’ Customer likes to get discount
  • Product Discount
  • Pay with ‘Likes’
  • Schedule products & messages
Physical Products
Digital Downloads

Easy & Cost effective

  • From as little £0 (starter plan)
  • No Hidden fees or commission
  • No contracts (pay as you go)
  • No technical knowledge
  • Less than 5 mins setup
  • Start selling immediately
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Daily Backups

Great Features

  • Highlight products
  • Product Slide Show
  • Multiple Images
  • Product Video
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Multiple Shipping Options
  • Integrate with existing website

Use the power of Facebook

Whether you are just starting out selling items or you are a seasoned business, Socialvendors Facebook shop helps you use the power of facebook features and familiarity to increase product visibilty, increase sales and build customer loyalty. It’s simple for you to setup and simple for your customers to buy and share your products from the comfort of their facebook.

Create your own facebook shop today!

In just a few minutes you can start selling! it is an easy way to earn money. You can sell your own items, products or supplies straight from facebook with a facebook feel but maintaining your brand.

I made more money off this Socialvendors Facebook Shop in 2 weeks than my website made me in 6 months.
– Hunter & Nelson.

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Quick and easy setup

Registering is easy, simply click on the link below, choose a plan which suits your business, you’ll log on to facebook to create a facebook page for your shop, you’ll then enter name, email address and password after that you can select to start with our dummy products or start with a clean slate. You are then ready to start adding products, logos, banners and lots lots more and when you are ready you can switch your shop on.

Power Tools


Daily Deals

Socialvendors Facebook shop owner is able to upgrade one or more products to a Daily Deal. Daily Deals works slightly different as in the common market. We even think it works better! A Daily Deal, once set, allows buyers to buy the product during the time it is set. However upon ordering the buyer is not actually paying for this product upfront. He has just ordered it. Once the minimum amount of buyers/orders has been reached, the Daily Deal becomes active automatically. All buyers who have ordered the deal will receive a message of this, including a payment link to buy this deal. All other buyers who buy the deal after it is activated will have to pay directly for the deal.

I Like Discount

This shop feature allows Socialvendors Facebook shop owner to give away a pre set product discount in case a buyer Likes the Facebook page of the shop owner during checkout. The shop owner is able to configure both the product discount % as also the maximum amount of product discounts he wants to give away. Eg. No more than 10 transactions may have such a discount, after the 10th the I Like Discount will be deactivated automatically.

Pay with Likes

This shop feature allows Socialvendors Facebook Shop owners to configure a product price in Likes. He can configure both the amount of Likes to be harvest as also the maximum amount of times this product can be sold against Likes. Once set the buyer is able to check out with the Payment Method “Pay With likes”. When the buyer checks out he is actually not paying for the product, but the product is shared on the buyer’s Facebook timeline, so he can start harvesting the amount of likes needed. The system detects on the background when the buyer has harvest enough likes. Once the amount of likes has been reached both the Seller as Buyer will get an e-mail stating the deal is closed because of the necessary amount of likes has been reached. The seller will get a link within his mail towards the shared product, so he can check this.

Website / Sticky Shop / Shop Outside Facebook

With this feature enabled, the Socialvendors Facebook shop owner can open duplications of his Facebook shop outside Facebook using an unique embedded code (like you know from Youtube) or he can simply upload an unique single index.html file.

14 day free trial with access to all features  Get Started Free!


Too Busy? No Time? Need Help Setting up?

We can help! although it takes less than 5 mins to get your facebook shop open and selling we understand you might not even have 5 minutes, we also understand  you might not be comfortable with computers so we offer a setup service and for a small fee we will set you up from start to finish click here to find out more.


API info here In addition to the awesome features we continue to develop, we offer a useful API that allows you to trick out SocialVendors even further.
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