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Oh What A Joy!!

Angela Ferreira is a highly regarded and very experienced media consultant and television producer who has worked for major UK broadcasters such as the BBC, Channel 4, Sky and high profile independent businesses and organisations such as The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Starstruck Media, IC publications and the MOBO Awards to name but a few. Read more

Your customers are choosing the easy option!

It’s a tough and competitive world out there and your customers are spoilt for choice. Your customers and potential customers are choosing the easy option when it comes to buying and they are buying online in the millions. Britons are the biggest online shoppers in the developed world with almost two thirds using the internet to buy goods or services and for businesses to take a slice of the cake it is important to have a presence online. Read more

It’s a braveheart decision!

She’s not ready to pack her day job in just yet but instead is making a brave decision! Kia has started to make moves towards her goal. As a busy working mother of 2 children, Kia felt her life was not her own and she was not expressing who she really was! Kia loves talking, counselling and mentoring and has a wealth of experience in social issues, current affairs with many different interests to explore and thought hmmmm I’ll start a talk show thus, The Kia Braveheart Show was formed. With the 1st show due to start recording in September 2014 Kia needed a logo and a website and came to us for some advice and our services. Read more
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